Monday, April 6, 2009


Saints on stage launch tomorrow!

and i'm going out to town aft GP lecture with clique! How awesome! God is being good this week its all ferocious (:

All the best to SPSMB!

why hasn't U4DK reply my emaillll i want my dressssssssssss.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I've been busy with ... BAND?

i know i need to study SOON. and some things i need to clear up.

but Band has been satisfying :D i love what i'm doing .

and there are these great people around supporting one another .

which makes me think of perth again and how sucky our performances were there but how fun the shopping spree and late night bitching and munching were. And not to forget the sneaking out to Shell Station and Macs for Milkshake.

All these build us up to be better players, better performers.

And i'm glad i've stayed on.

Cus, it's really something i like doing. Playing music.




and Sean quek who just left for Japan



Down to two mighty women , MEL AND I.


anyhow this blog is really rotting but whatever i'm just gonna write down things i wanna look at myself.

Cus i know people out there wouldn't understand a thing i write about.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

People always leave

I finished season 2 (OTH).

I just had Asia Conference, Band camp, and idk what i've been doing this week.

But today is my mummy's birthday.

I feel like overall, my life sounds BORING. but the details of it have made me more than happy.

I found my passion. my directions. and new changes coming along my way.

I realised i did not take a single photo during these days, it sucks.

Even when we celebrated Ivan's birthday on monday, NO PHOTOS.

how pathetic can i get?

i just hate to say this but hey life slow down i'm trying to catch up.

to make things better, i am meeting my clique up tmrw to do geog assignment.

After which it is studying for our first ever Block Test, and the beginning to monster year and monster As.

I just need to know i'll still be breathing by the end of nxt year.


this blog is getting pointless.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am happy to see that while some of our secondary school's classmates and their own circle of friends are gradually more and more different and apart in their worlds, i'm proud to say JESHture (pronounced as gesture) is still sticking through together.

Despite us bring scattered across the island, from PJC to ACJC to SAJC to JJC.

But we still choose to reunite every year, that is amazing cuz we are really all busy people.

I guess no matter how busy i am or even if i'm going to die the next moment, i will still want to see the 3 of them. the 3 women who played the most important role in my secondary school years. They've seen me grown and changed the most, and the ugly side of me they accepted it.

What more can i ask for?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Sweet Pies


My dearest friend for EIGHT long years! we're gonna have a great time cooking up a meal for you at Judith's place MAN, i can't wait to see how far my culinary skills can go. Though i doubt the distance.

and hello people, Huahui is 17, not 18. No mistakes.


And i just feel like screaming,


today wasn't a bad day. In band, in church, and during fellowship. I've seen a wider picture, of merely the term "life" and what it is beyond the 4 letters.

And the most precious moment today - Daddy made me feel like the most important person on earth.

Isn't that what we long to feel?

HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY! ( i have to give another 3 tuitions again -.- 9 bus rides IS KILLING ME)
sneaking out late tapping at your window

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The highway & the loop

There is not much difference between the mentality you had when you were young and now.

Our physique changes, but those are the lies that we tell the best to the rest of the world.

Looks are deceiving they say, they are the lies themselves. And who you packages yourself to be isn't neccessarily who you are. But nobody likes to be naked to people they do not know.

They say when you grow older, you become mature. So a 40 year old by right is more mature than a 14 year old.

But adults still do childish things. Our behaviour may differ much, but the effect or the result we hope to see from it is the same.

a 4 year old would break a cookie jar for their parents' attention.
a 14 year old would steal and kill for attention.
a 40 year old wouldn't do anything but resign to the "fate".

The behaviour differs yes, but deep in our hearts what we want the most, is actually what that will drive human to behave even the absolute extreme way.

"What is the one thing you want most in your life now?"

Truth? Revenge?
(inspired by one tree hill!)
no matter what is it you want most, you know you can't have it with your own ways. You've tried it but it always didn't work the way you want it too.
This is when you know you have to bow down and surrender yourself to the higher Power, the omnipotent One who sees it all.
The struggles you went through to get what you want
the disappointments in yourself and in other people
the pain you feel where nobody could see
He sees it all. And He is longing to heal it all.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mahjong queen

I had a fun day with my band clique at Eunice's place.

4 bus rides to take me home from her Casa Flower whatever condo at Tana Merah back to my home sweet home in Choa Chu Kang.

So to expo its like, 5 bus rides?!

but it was a cooling day. I walked in the rain into her place, its fantastic. Too bad there's a hot guy holding the umbrella missing from the picture. If not it'd have been more perfect than walking in the rain alone.

We swam! and played water polo like some noobs. LOL never ending screaming just trying to snatch the ball.

And we swam again! on the table playing mahjong. It is my virgin experience HAHA, but never use money okay so i never gamble. (God knows :D ) I won 2 in a row, and the third set that i won it was like immediately when someone threw out a card.


it just take a little courage for you to walk out of your cocoon and realise that everything may not revolve around you but they sure do exist for you.

Your existence added color to someone else's life.

and your existence changed the landscape of the entire globe.